Closing the Global Bomb Radiocarbon Budget
Date: Monday, September 26 @ 13:28:39 MDT
Topic: The Fate of Fossil-Fuel Emissions

by Tobias Naegler

We estimated the production of bomb radiocarbon using available information on atmospheric nuclear bomb tests, the simple (radio-)carbon cycle model GRACE (Global RadioCarbon Exploration Model) and atmospheric observations as constraints. Subsequent forward simulations of the bomb radiocarbon inventory in the different carbon reservoirs turned out to be in very good agreement with recent observation-based estimates, therewith for the very first time allowing to close the global bomb radiocarbon budget. Besides confirming original stratospheric bomb 14C data published in the reports of the Health and Safety Laboratories [Telegadas, 1971, and references therein], our results confirm recent observation-based ocean bomb radiocarbon inventory estimates for the time of GEOSECS (1970s) and WOCE (1990s) from Peacock [2004] and Key et al. [2004], but refute the GEOSECS ocean inventory estimates from Broecker et al. [1985, 1995].

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