Long-Term Observations of CO2 Concentrations and its Isotope Ratio over the West
Date: Tuesday, September 27 @ 11:00:00 MDT
Topic: The Fate of Fossil-Fuel Emissions

By Hitoshi Mukai

Air was collected systematically from 1995 to 2005 over the Pacific from 30S to 55N in latitude by ships-of-opportunity to monitor global trend of CO2 concentration and its variation in the atmosphere. The monitoring results showed that three El Niño events during 10 years mostly affected regional and temporal variation of CO2 growth rate and its budget. Variation of carbon isotope ratio showed that the CO2 flux from terrestrial biosphere seemed to rapidly increase at that time, correlated with global temperature anomaly. Oxygen isotope ratio had increasing trend in this period, similar to the variation of temperature. Atmospheric 14CO2 variation also seemed to be influenced by El Niño event.

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