Estimation of Atmospheric CO2 from AIRS Infrared Satellite Radiances in the ECMW
Date: Tuesday, September 27 @ 15:15:00 MDT
Topic: The Fate of Fossil-Fuel Emissions

By Richard Engelen

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been obtained from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) radiance data within the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) data assimilation system. In a first explorative configuration, a subset of channels from the AIRS instrument has been assimilated providing estimates of tropospheric column-averaged CO2 mixing ratios representative of a layer between the tropopause and about 700 hPa at observation locations only. Results show considerable geographical and temporal variability with values ranging between 370 and 382 ppmv. The 5-day mean estimated random error is about 1%, which is confirmed by comparisons with flask observations on board flights of Japanese airliners in the west-Pacific region. This study demonstrates the feasibility of global CO2 estimation using high spectral resolution infrared satellite data in a numerical weather prediction data assimilation system. Currently, the system is being improved to treat CO2 as a full three-dimensional atmospheric variable included in the forecast model. This allows more flexibility in the constraints on the CO2 estimation as well as the possibility of assimilating other data sources (e.g., near-infrared satellite data and flasks). The CO2 fields provided by the data assimilation system have great potential to assist the surface flask network in constraining current top-down carbon flux estimates.

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