Interannual Variability in the Carbon Exchange Using an Ecosystem-fire Model
Date: Wednesday, September 28 @ 15:00:00 MDT

by S. Venevsky

We have incorporated a semi-mechanistic fire model into the SEVER Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM). The model produces estimates of net primary productivity (NPP), heterotrophic respiration (HR) and fire carbon emission (FE) for the globe. This model was run for the period 1957-2002 with the NCEP climate reanalysis data as an input. Results were compared with the ATSR area burnt maps and a Time Dependent Inverse (TDI) model fluxes of CO2. We find that on interannual time scales NPP variability explains major part of flux variability simulated by the TDI model, followed by the HR and FE contributions.

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