What are the Most Important Factors for Climate-carbon Cycle Coupling?
Date: Thursday, September 29 @ 10:45:00 MDT

By Steve Wofsy

Data from long-term measurements of carbon balance in boreal, mid-latitude and tropical ecosystems are used to assess the mechanisms that drive changes in ecosystem carbon balance in response to a changing climate. We find that most model parameterizations overestimate the temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration and underestimate the role of soil water balance in controlling respiration and flammability. We conclude that model assessments of climate—carbon feedbacks must carefully simulate regional precipitation, evaporation, evapotranspiration, and water balance, including factors leading to fires (e.g. sources of ignition), in addition to assessing changes in temperature. Covariances among these drivers of ecosystem respiration and vegetation change may be critically important for these simulations.

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