Stabilizing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration: Can Geologic Storage Help?
Date: Friday, September 30 @ 09:45:00 MDT
Topic: Impacts of High CO2 on Ecosystems

by Lynn Orr

One option for reducing emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere as a result of combustion of fossil fuels is to capture CO2 and inject it into porous subsurface geologic formations. High pressure CO2 has been used for the last three decades as an agent for enhanced oil recovery, and hence considerable experience in the technical issues associated with predicting the movement of CO2 in the subsurface has been accumulated. Significant additional quantities of CO2 could be stored in depleted oil and gas reservoirs if CO2 were available at low cost. These formations are appealing as storage sites because the subsurface is known to have a trap and seal that contains the buoyant oil or gas.

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