Impacts of Climate-carbon Cycle Feedbacks on Emission Scenarios to Achieve Stabi
Date: Friday, September 30 @ 15:30:00 MDT
Topic: Impacts of High CO2 on Ecosystems

by Chris Jones

At present, approximately half of anthropogenic CO2 emissions are absorbed by the land and oceans [Jones and Cox, 2005], but climate changes may act to reduce this uptake, leading to higher CO2 levels for a given emission scenario [Cox et al., 2000, Friedlingstein et al., 2005, in prep.]. Less attention has been paid to the potential impact of carbon cycle feedbacks on the emissions reductions required to achieve stabilisation (the so called “permissible emissions”), although this is arguably more pertinent to the issue of avoiding dangerous climate change in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change.

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