Audra McClure-Begley

Staff Listing

Audra McClure-Begley

Associate Scientist

Ozone and Water Vapor

Mailing Address:
NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
325 Broadway R/GML
Boulder CO 80305-3328

Phone: 303-497-6823

Audra McClure-Begley

Roles and Responsibilities:

Audra has been working with the Global Monitoring Laboratory Ozone and Water Vapor group since 2011. She is responsible for maintaining the tropospheric aircraft ozone and ground-level ozone measurement networks- including but not limited to, instrument repairs, calibrations, installations, data processing, data quality and data archive. She is also involved in the Dobson Ozone Spectrophotometer network – primarily responsible for data management and processing, but also assists with observations and inter-comparison efforts. Audra’s research involves understanding the dynamics, processes, and contributions to variations in the surface ozone measurement records. She is particularly involved and interested in the influence of wildfires and biomass burning on surface ozone conditions and developing an understanding and characterization of ozone conditions in the arctic.


Audra received her Bachelor’s degree in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2011. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Data Analytics with an emphasis on quantitative analysis and statistics and expects to graduate December, 2018. She is currently employed by the University of Colorado, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. Her interest is in the interaction of ozone on the biological world, ecosystems, and public health. Audra is pictured with her service dog (GML office dog), Rhea.