Lauren Schmeisser

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Lauren Schmeisser

CIRES Postdoctoral Researcher

Global Radiation and Aerosols

Mailing Address:
NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
325 Broadway R/GML
Boulder CO 80305-3328


Lauren Schmeisser

Lauren is a CIRES postdoctoral researcher in the Global Radiation and Aerosols group. Her current research focus is on evaluating representation of aerosols in global climate models. She uses in-situ aerosol optical property measurements from the global NOAA Federated Aerosol Network to analyze aerosol populations in models. Additional research interests include aerosol feedbacks, surface heat flux feedbacks, and Arctic aerosols.

Lauren earned her PhD in atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle as an NSF IGERT fellow. She completed her dissertation on the role of the atmosphere during marine heatwaves. She also holds a MSc in Earth Sciences from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a MS in Civil Engineering, and a BS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.