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Usage Policy

CarbonTracker is an open product of NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory using data from the NOAA GML greenhouse gas observational network and collaborating institutions. Results, including figures and tabular material found on the CarbonTracker website may be used for non-commercial purposes without restriction. We kindly ask you to acknowledge, cite, and/or reference CarbonTracker as described below.


Citing our results

  • We ask that scientific work that relies heavily on CarbonTracker products is discussed with us before publication, to ensure proper representation of our work and co-authorship if appropriate.
  • Please use "CT-NRT.v2018-1" as the shorthand to refer to our product, not "CT". This identifies both the product and the release version.
  • It is crucial to identify the version of the product you are using (e.g. "CT-NRT.v2018-1").
  • Note that the product is called "CarbonTracker" without a space character, not "Carbon ␣ Tracker".
  • Please cite as: "Peters et al. (2007), with updates documented at http://carbontracker.noaa.gov."
  • Please include our suggested acknowledgment text in your acknowledgments section.
  • Boilerplate model description text provided upon request.


...we compare our results to NOAA's CarbonTracker, version CT-NRT.v2018-1 (Peters et al. 2007, with updates documented at http://carbontracker.noaa.gov). In this work, CT-NRT.v2018-1 is ...


CarbonTracker CT-NRT.v2018-1 results provided by NOAA GML, Boulder, Colorado, USA from the website at http://carbontracker.noaa.gov.


W. Peters, A. R. Jacobson, C. Sweeney, A. E. Andrews, T. J. Conway, K. Masarie, J. B. Miller, L. M. P. Bruhwiler, G. Petron, A. I. Hirsch, D. E. J. Worthy, G. R. van der Werf, J. T. Randerson, P. O. Wennberg, M. C. Krol, and P. P. Tans. An atmospheric perspective on North American carbon dioxide exchange: CarbonTracker. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104:18925–18930, doi: 10.1073/pnas.0708986104, Jan 2007.

Acknowledgment text

"CarbonTracker CT-NRT.v2018-1 results provided by NOAA GML, Boulder, Colorado, USA from the website at http://carbontracker.noaa.gov."

Suggested Website Citation

"CarbonTracker CT-NRT.v2018-1, http://carbontracker.noaa.gov"