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Flux Time Series (CT2007)

Time series of the exchange calculated with CarbonTracker aggregated over larger areas of the globe. The title reflects areas defined in the TransCom project and can be found on this map. The blue line is the final result from CarbonTracker on a weekly time scale, the red line is 4-week moving average, the dark shaded band is the one-sigma uncertainty after the assimilation. All units are PgC/yr. The red line is a 4-week running average of the weekly CarbonTracker estimate introduced to remove the short-term variability in our a-priori guess. The shaded areas denote one-sigma (68% confidence) intervals calculated from the posterior covariance matrixes, disregarding its temporal structure. This figure includes biological and fire fluxes, no fossil fuels.

The table summarizes averages with uncertainty of the data displayed in the figure. The total flux is the sum of the components in the table. Note that fossil fuel emissions can occur over regions characterized as ocean. This is partly due to real emissions from international shipping, and partly due to emissions occurring in coastal land regions that are assigned to the ocean in our coarse 1x1 degree division scheme. The same is true for fossil fuel emissions over non-optimized regions such as ice, polar deserts, and inland seas.