CPD3 is name of the NOAA/ESRL/GMD/Aerosols data processing software. It provides data handling from the acquisition and instrument control level all the way through final export to data archives.

This page is the main documentation landing page. From here you can reach the documentation about the general components of CPD3.

Interface Documentation

Command Line Interface

This provides the tools for working with data using pipelines and data file. Is it only available on Unix-like systems (Linux and Mac OSX). This is the interface in use when you see constructs like:

da.get bnd BsG_S11 2015-01-01 1d | da.export
Graphical Interface

This provides the graphical interface for working with data. It is available on all systems. On Unix-like systems where CPD3 is in the $PATH environment variable, it is started with the command cpx3.

System Configuration

Text Based Configuration

This is the low level text based configuration syntax used to operate on the raw system configuration. This is the syntax in use when you see configurations like: