Presentation Submissions

Please don’t forget to send your presentation files to at least one day before your presentation!

This year, you will be able to share your screen and run your presentation directly. This reduces lag time and allows you to move forward/backward within your slides as needed.

If you have technical difficulties, we will use the slides you sent to us and present them on your behalf. This will be our backup plan, works well, and requires you to simply prompt us to advance slides as needed. Please do send your slides one day prior to your presentation to be sure we have a backup solution in place should you need it.

eGMAC Virtual Format

The eGMAC will be hosted by a combination of GoToWebinar and Google Meet.

The GMAC website will serve as our meeting home and include the links to the GoToWebinar for each day. The site will also have the links to PDF poster files, to each poster’s individual Google Meet virtual room, and other events including the early career panel, conference happy hour, and discussion rooms.

The oral presentations (AGU format) and poster session lightning talks will include all attendees and be presented via GoToWebinar.

The 25-min break/discussion time following the oral session and before we move into the poster session’s lightning talks will be hosted on Google Meet. Oral presenters are highly encouraged to join this discussion time, if available, to answer additional questions and interact with other presenters and attendees.

The poster session rooms (unique for each poster) will be hosted in Google Meet. The poster session for each day will be presented in two blocks. By placing posters into two 45-min long blocks, presenters are able to view other posters during the session and only be required to be “at their poster” in Google Meet for the 45-min block as assigned. Attendees may visit the different Google Meet “rooms” to view the posters within each block and speak with presenters directly. Please see the poster agendas for more details.

Testing your connection

Session chairs will be reaching out to oral presenters in the next day or two to schedule GoToWebinar testing prior to the presentations. Please watch for this message and arrange to test your connection and familiarize yourself with GoToWebinar before your session.

Rules of Engagement for the eGMAC

  • Be respectful of others during all presentations and interactions.
  • Keep your microphone muted at all times unless you are actively speaking.
  • Stay on time - The eGMAC will strictly adhere to our schedule:
    • Oral presenters follow AGU format with 12-min to speak and 3-min for Q&A,
    • Poster presenters each have 90-second lightning talks.
  • As a presenter, use a webcam whenever possible for better interaction with attendees.


The eGMAC Organizing Committee is pleased to announce two awards for the 2021 eGMAC: Best Presentation (awarded daily), and the Early Career Award (one award for the entire conference).

The presentations will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Timing
  • Clarity
  • Effectiveness of Illustrations
  • Organization
  • Logic
  • Audience Engagement

The Early Career Award will be judged by GML staff. The daily Best Presentation Awards will be based upon peer nominations. More information and links to vote for best presentation will be provided during the eGMAC.