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What's New (CT2009)
What's New in CarbonTracker 2009?
  • Observations and flux estimates for 2008
  • Revised flux estimates for 2000-2007
  • Enhanced resolution of global atmospheric transport. Previous releases of CarbonTracker used a global 6° longitude by 4° latitude and a 1° x 1° "zoom" region around North America, with a regional intermediate 3° x 2° grid. For 2009, we've transitioned to a global resolution of 3° x 2°. The North American 1° x 1° zoom region is retained, and there's no longer a need for a regional intermediate grid.
  • New quasi-continuous data:
  • Updated Fossil Fuel emissions: In CarbonTracker, fossil fuel emissions are specified and not optimized by observations. However, changing the imposed fossil fuel fluxes can have an impact on optimized biosphere (and to a lesser extent, ocean) fluxes. Fossil fuel emissions in CT2009 have been changed according to revised global totals provided by CDIAC (see documentation) and new within country flux distributions provided by EDGAR. The impacts of these changes are still being evaluated.
  • Revised graphical, tabular, and binary presentation of results in response to the 2008 CarbonTracker science review. Added elements include presentation of first-guess flux estimates in addition to the final, optimized fluxes, and presentation of results at the ecoregion scale. We have also added a documentation page on ecoregions to be more clear about the role of ecosystems in the CarbonTracker system.

For a complete description about this release and previous releases, please see Version History.

How do flux estimates from CarbonTracker 2009 compare with previous releases?