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CarbonTracker (CT2007B)
What is CarbonTracker?
A system to keep track of carbon dioxide uptake and release at the Earth's surface over time. [read more]
Who needs CarbonTracker?
Policy makers, industry, scientists, and the public need CarbonTracker information to make informed decisions to limit greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. [read more]
What does CarbonTracker tell us?
North America is a source of CO2 to the atmosphere. The natural uptake of CO2 that occurs mostly East of the Rocky Mountains removes only ~30% of the CO2 released by the use of fossil fuels. [read more]
What's new in this release of CarbonTracker?    NEW!
The new release of CarbonTracker (2007B) includes observations and flux estimates through 2006 and several improvements that we feel result in more accurate estimates of fluxes. [read more]

Click here for CarbonTracker 2007 PNAS publication