1. Directors Office

    Director, GML

    James Butler
    1. Deputy Director
      Diane Stanitski
    2. Associate Director
      Colm Sweeney
    3. Senior Scientist
      Pieter Tans
    4. Administrative Officer
      Samantha Middel
    5. Administrative Specialist
      Susan Abenilla-Brown
    6. IT Manager
      Chris Cornwall
    1. Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases
      Arlyn Andrews (Chief)
    2. Global Radiation and Aerosols
      Kathy Lantz (Chief)
    3. Ozone and Water Vapor
      Irina Petropavlovskikh (Chief)
    1. Barrow Observatory
      Bryan Thomas (Station Chief)
    2. Mauna Loa Observatory
      Darryl Kuniyuki (Station Chief)
    3. Samoa Observatory
      NOAA Corps Station Chief
    4. South Pole Observatory
      NOAA Station Chief