For questions about GML seminars, contact Julie Singewald, Phone: 720-260-4572

Visitor Information: The Visitors Center and entrance to the Boulder Department of Commerce facilities are located on Broadway at Rayleigh Road. All visiting seminar attendees, including pedestrians and bike riders, are required to check in at the Visitors Center at the Security Checkpoint to receive a visitor badge. Seminar attendees need to present a valid photo ID and mention the seminar title or the speaker's name to obtain a visitor badge. If security personnel asks for a point of contact please list Julie Singewald (x6074).

If you are a foreign national without permanent residency, please call Julie Singewald at 720-260-4572 (leave a message including your name) or send an e-mail to Julie Singewald at least one day before the seminar if you plan to attend.

Upcoming Seminars