NOAA Antarctic UV Network Instrumentation

SUV-100 Spectroradiometer, Biospherical Instruments, Inc.

Each NOAA UV network site is equipped with a scanning SUV-100 spectroradiometer manufactured by Biospherical Instruments. The instrument measures global spectral irradiance between 280 and 600 nm with a resolution of 1 nm. It is designed for permanent installation and continuous operation in harsh climates. The system is fully-automated and needs operator attention only for periodic manual calibrations and operational checks.

The SUV-100 is based on a temperature-stabilized, scanning double-monochromator coupled to a photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector. A Teflon diffuser serves as irradiance collector Lamps for automated wavelength and intensity stability checks are integrated in the system. Data acquisition is performed with a PC and data are automatically transferred to NOAA/Boulder, CO via the Internet. A cutaway diagram of the SUV-100 is shown in the figure to the right. The system is calibrated every two weeks with irradiance standard lamps, which are mounted above the irradiance collector in a specially designed lamp housing. More information on the SUV-100 including specifications can be found in Section 2.1. of Network Operations Reports (PDF file).

GUV-511/541 Multi-Channel Radiometer, Biospherical Instruments, Inc.

GUV radiometers are moderate-bandwidth filter instrument, which measure spectral irradiance at 305, 320, 340, and 380 nm with a bandwidth of approximately 10 nm. The GUV-511 measures in addition Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). The GUV-541 instrument has an additional channel at 313 nm. Both instruments were designed and manufactured by Biospherical Instruments. From the instrument's irradiance measurements a variety of data products can be calculated, including spectral integrals (e.g. UV-B or UV-A), UV dose-rates (e.g. erythemal irradiance, the UV Index, DNA damaging UV), and total ozone. A detailed description of the instruments and their calibration procedure can be found here (PDF file).

PSP and TUVR Radiometers, Eppley Laboratory, Inc.

All sites are equipped with Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP, shown right) and Total Ultraviolet Radiometer (TUVR, shown left) from The Eppley Laboratory Inc. The PSP measures integrated global irradiance between 0.285 and 2.8Ám. The TUVR measures UV irradiance between 295 and 385 nm.