Antarctic UV Product Displays

AntUV published data products as well as preliminary data can be displayed using the Data Visualization tool. The data visualization interface allows users to configure customized data plots with any combination of data items and time scale. Different time series items can be overlayed in a single panel and/or distributed across multiple panels vertically.

Products are generated and made available after the current Austral summer season has ended. Since Palmer Station runs continuously throughout the year, its annual data products usually span the calendar year.

Version 2 data products provide the highest quality data, adjusted for wavelength and cosine corrected. Ver2 Product databases currently available for plotting in include Database-2 (Point Irradiances) and Database-3 (Spectral Integrals and Dose rates).

Version 0 data products provide the next highest quality data and are not cosine corrected. These products are generated and released at the end of Austral summer seasons. Ver0 Product databases currently available for plotting include Database-3 (Spectral Integrals and Dose rates) and Database-4 (Popular frequently requested data products)

Preliminary data can be displayed with about one-day latency. Preliminary Data should be used only for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. These data have not been QC'ed and may not have the proper calibrations and corrections applied to the data. Preliminary data should not be used for any publication or analysis.