greenhouse gases
Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

CCGG operates the Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network, with measurements of the spatial and temporal distributions of greenhouse gases and providing essential constraints to our understanding of the global carbon cycle.

hats group
Halocarbons and other Trace Species

Halocarbons and other Trace Species (HATS) quantifies the distributions and magnitudes of the sources and sinks for important ozone-depleting and greenhouse gases.

grad group
Global Radiation and Aerosols

Activities involve empirical and theoretical research of the Earth's surface radiation budget, and to characterize means, variability, and trends of climate-forcing properties of different types of aerosols.

ozone and water vapor
Ozone and Water Vapor

Ozone and Water Vapor (OZWV) conducts research on the nature and causes of the depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer and the role of ozone and water vapor in forcing climate change.

observatory operations
Observatory Operations

GML operates staffed atmospheric baseline observatories from which numerous in situ and remote atmospheric and solar measurements are conducted.