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Cape Point, South Africa [CPT]


  • Country: South Africa Country Flag
  • Latitude: 34.3523° South
  • Longitude: 18.4891° East
  • Elevation: 230.00 masl
  • Time Zone: Local Standard Time + -2.0 hour(s) = UTC


Cooperating Agencies

  • South African Weather Service

The Cape Point station is located in a nature reserve at the southern end of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, (coordinates: 34°21' S, 18°29' E). The monitoring station is exposed to the sea on top of a cliff 230 m a.s.l., about 60 km south from the city of Cape Town. Since the dominant wind direction is SE - S - SW, the station is subjected to maritime air from the South Atlantic most of the time. The Cape Peninsula has a Mediterranean-type climate where the summers are generally dry and windy, whilst the winters are cold and wet. In 1995, the station moved to a newly built one story measurement location. The new location provides excellent space for present and future measurement activities and underlines the importance given to the site by the Government. It is situated adjoining the old station beneath the 30 m sampling tower and is built partially into the rock. The air inlet and several pieces of meteorological equipment are mounted on a platform at the top of the flat roof. Cape Point, which is also a popular tourist destination, can easily be reached by road from Cape Town, which is situated 60 km to the north. From the tourist parking area an electrical funicular railway leads up the hill. Tourists are only permitted to visit Cape Point during daylight hours.

GML Projects at Cape Point

Carbon Cycle Surface Flasks

Parameter Formula First Sample Date Status
Carbon Dioxide CO2 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Methane CH4 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Carbon Monoxide CO 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Molecular Hydrogen H2 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Nitrous Oxide N2O 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Carbon-13/Carbon-12 in Carbon Dioxide d13C (CO2) 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Oxygen-18/Oxygen-16 in Carbon Dioxide d18O (CO2) 2010-02-11 Ongoing
Methyl Chloride CH3Cl 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Benzene C6H6 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Methylbenzene C7H8 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Ethane C2H6 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Ethylene C2H4 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Propane C3H8 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Propylene C3H6 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Isobutane i-C4H10 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
n-Butane n-C4H10 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
isopentane i-C5H12 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
n-Pentane n-C5H12 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
n-Hexane n-C6H14 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
isoprene C5H8 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03
Acetylene C2H2 2014-04-17 Terminated - 2018-05-03

Aerosol Mobile and Cooperative Platforms