The Fort Peck, Montana station is located on the Fort Peck Tribes Reservation, approximately fifteen miles north of Poplar, Montana.

Fort Peck, Montana
Latitude: 48.30783 degrees North
Longitude: 105.10170 degrees West
Elevation: 634 meters
Time Zone: Local Time + 7 hours = UTC
Installed: November 1994
SURFRAD data from the Fort Peck site.

A report on the modified trailer housing used at this site is available:

Location of SURFRAD site at Fort Peck, Montana.
Fort Peck site
The tower, radiometer platform, tracker and Total Sky Imager trailer at Fort Peck SURFRAD station, October, 2000.
Rad platform and tracker
Stan Wilkison and Dave Anderson discuss maintenance of the radiometer platform and old solar tracker, September, 1999.
Tower down
Dave Theisen tending to the upwelling radiometers during the annual maintenance at the Fort Peck station, October 1996.
The Sci-Tek 2AP solar tracker with shading mechanism, Spectrosun pyranometer, Eppley pyrgeometer, and Eppley Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer.
The radiometer platform with (left to right) LI-COR Quantum sensor (for photosynthetically active radiation), ventilated Spectrosun pyranometer, Yankee Environmental Systems UVB-1 Ultraviolet Pyranometer, and ventilated Spectrosun pyranometer.
Total Sky Imager (TSI)
The Yankee Environmental Systems Total Sky Imager (TSI), mounted on the new site trailer. The trailer, installed in October of 2000, houses the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and TSI computer.
Winter view
The Fort Peck station on a clear winter day, January, 1999. Photo courtesy of Dave Anderson.