The Goodwin Creek SURFRAD station is located on rural pasture land about twenty miles west of Oxford, Mississippi.

Goodwin Creek, Mississippi
Latitude: 34.2547 degrees North
Longitude: 89.8729 degrees West
Elevation: 98 meters
Time Zone: Local Time + 6 hours = UTC
Installed: December 1994
SURFRAD data from the Goodwin Creek site.
Location of SURFRAD installation at Goodwin Creek, Mississippi.
Panorama of site
The SURFRAD station at the Goodwin Creek watershed, outside of Batesville, Mississippi. The site is surrounded by a barbed wire fence with gate access. From left to right, you can see the SURFRAD solar tracker, main instrument platform, and instrument tower, followed by a radio tower, control shed and flux system maintained by the site operators, and finally the Total Sky Imager at the far right.
Radiometer Platform
The downwelling instruments on the main platform at Goodwin Creek. Shown, from left to right, are: Yankee Environmental Systems (YES) MFRSR, LI-COR Photosynthetically Active Radiometer (PAR), Yankee UVB-1 Ultraviolet Pyranometer, ventilated Eppley pyrgeometer, and ventilated Spectrosun pyranometer.
Solar Tracker
The SURFRAD instruments on the new SCI-TEC solar tracker, just south of the instrument platform. On top of the tracker is a ventilated and shaded Spectrosun pyranometer measuring diffuse solar irradiance. Mounted on the far side of the tracker is an Eppley Normal Incidence Pyranometer.
Instrument Tower
The SURFRAD ten-meter tower, located approximately 30 m north of the main instrument platform. The tower contains an RM Young wind monitor, a Vaisala temperature and relative humidity sensor, and an Eppley pyrgeometer and a Spectrosun pyranometer for measuring upwelling iinfrared and solar radiation, respectively.
Tower Instruments
A close-up of the tower-mounted instruments.
Gary with TSI
Gary Hodges installing the Total Sky Imager at Goodwin Creek, September, 1999.
The Yankee Environmental Systems Total Sky Imager (TSI), installed at Goodwin Creek in September 1999. The unit had to be mounted on a platform high enough to avoid interference from the fence posts. Guy wires stabilize the platform, and hologram ribbon underneath the TSI keeps birds away.
John in a mess
John Augustine wondering where to start on an instrument swapout trip to Goodwin Creek, June, 1999.
Site cattle
Our newest neighbors at the Goodwin Creek SurfRad site, September, 1999.