The Boulder SURFRAD instruments are located on the deck at SRRB's Table Mountain Test Facility, located 8 miles north of Boulder. These instruments are part of a larger set maintained at this location and used for annual intercomparisons and other research.

Table Mountain, Colorado
Latitude: 40.12498 degrees North
Longitude: 105.23680 degrees West
Elevation: 1689 meters
Time Zone: Local Time + 7 hours = UTC
Installed: July 1995
SURFRAD data from the Boulder site.
Location of Table Mountain Test Facility, Boulder, CO.
Instrument Deck
The instrument deck at the Table Mountain Test Facility. Note the SURFRAD solar tracker on the platform in front of the deck.
Downwelling Instruments
The downwelling SURFRAD instruments, located on the north table of the deck. Shown, from left to right, are: Yankee Environmental Systems (YES) MFRSR, LI-COR PAR, Yankee UVB-1 Ultraviolet Pyranometer, ventilated Eppley pyrgeometer and ventilated Spectrosun pyranometer.
Solar Tracker
SURFRAD instruments mounted on the SCI-TEC 2AP solar tracker on the south side of the deck. On the tracker there are three shaded instruments: a ventilated Spectrosun pyranometer, a Yankee UVB-1 Ultraviolet Pyranometer (not SURFRAD), and a ventilated Eppley pyrgeometer. A SCI-TEC quadrant detector detector and an Eppley normal incidence pyranometer are also mounted on the sides of the tracker.
10 m tower with radiometers and met instruments
The SURFRAD ten-meter tower, located approximately 100 yards north of the instrument deck. The tower contains an RM Young wind monitor, a Vaisala temperature and relative humidity sensor, and an Eppley pyrgeometer and a Spectrosun pyranometer for measuring upwelling infrared and upwelling solar radiation, respectively.
Upwelling Radiometers
A close-up of the tower-mounted instruments.