Duration March - November, 1994
Platform NASA ER-2 Aircraft
Locations Moffett Field, California
Barber's Point, Hawaii
Nadi, Fiji
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Airborne Southern Hemisphere Ozone Experiment (ASHOE) was designed to investigate the causes of lower stratospheric ozone loss in the Southern Hemisphere and determine how the loss is related to polar, mid-latitude, and tropical processes. The Measurements for Assessing the Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft (MAESA) campaign, conducted in parallel with ASHOE, was focussed on evaluating the potential environmental effects of emissions from a proposed fleet of high-altitude civilian aircraft. The objectives of these two investigations were met by the data collected during a series of flights by the NASA ER-2 aircraft. ACATS-IV provided important measurements of 10 dynamical tracers and halocarbons during these combined missions.

The NASA home page provides additional details of the mission.