HATS NWR Station

Niwot Ridge Observatory, Colorado - NWR

Station Information

Latitude: 40.04° N Longitude: 105.54° W

Elevation: 3013 m Time zone: UT - 8 hours

Telephone: (303) 492 8841


Mark V. Losleben
Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309
Tel: (303) 492 8842
Email: mark.losleben@colorado.edu

The site:

The John Marr Alpine Laboratory at the base of the mountain. It's accessible from the peak-to-peak highway between Nederland and Lyons, Colorado.

HATS activities:

The Niwot Ridge site is located in the alpine research area of the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research, Mountain Research Station of the University of Colorado . In February, 1990, HATS established the in-situ gas chromatographic system at C-1, the official designation of our site on the ridge, and made Niwot Ridge the sixth of our current seven baseline stations. Besides our continuous analyses at this site, the HATS division also collects ambient air into high pressure, specially treated aluminum cylinders for use as standards in all of our programs.

The current C-1 building that houses the air analyses equipment was erected in October of 1995 and was occupied in April of 1996. A small cylinder gas storage shed sits to the right.

An inside view of the gas chromatographs, computer, and other associated equipment.

Contacts for HATS activities:

Dr. James W. Elkins (principal investigator , NOAA)

More information on the Mountain Research Station.

Geography and Topography of Niwot Ridge.