GML highlights at AGU 2021 Fall Meeting

December 9, 2021
AGU 2021

Event Date: December 13-17, 2021

GML and CIRES researchers are presenting some interesting talks and posters at the 2021 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Highlights are listed below!

Oral Sessions:

Bianca Baier: The NOAA High-altitude Operational Return Uncrewed System (HORUS) for Atmospheric Observing. December 13, 8:00-8:05 CT (online)

Colm Sweeney: Progress Toward a NOAA Greenhouse Gas Commercial Aircraft Program. December 13, 8:05-8:10 CT (in person)

Bharat Rastogi: Constraints on OCO-2 retrievals to provide robust NEE estimates over North America. December 13, 9:50-9:55 CT (online)

Aleya Kaushik: Advancing understanding of plant-drought interactions in North American ecosystems. December 14, 8:15-8:20 CT (online)

Mindy Nicewonger: A24C-08 ENSO-driven fires impact ozone-depleting methyl halide emissions. December 14, 15:19 CT (online)

Steve Montzka: Global Emissions of CFC-11 Dropped Substantially in 2019--Are They Now No Longer Elevated Above Expectations? December 15, 13:17 CT (online)

Youmi Oh: B33B-06 - Revising Global Methane Soil Sink by Considering High Affinity Methanotrophy. December 15, 13:40-13:50 CT (online)

Xin Lan: What do we know about the global methane budget? Results from four decades of atmospheric methane observations and the way forward. December 17, 15:00 CT (online)


Eric Hintsa: The UAS Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace Species (UCATS) - a versatile instrument for airborne platforms, rebuilt for the Dynamics and Chemistry of the Summer Stratosphere (DCOTSS) Mission. December 13, 16:00-18:00 CT (in person)

Irina Petropavlovskikh: Ozone recovery as detected in NOAA Ground-Based and Satellite Ozone Measurements. December 15, 8:08-8:11 (eLigntning)

Lauren Schmeisser: Variability of aerosols and trace gases in smoke plumes transported to the Colorado Front Range. December 15, 14:42 - 14:45 CST (online)

Peter Effertz: Ozone Anomalies in the Colorado Front Range due to Wildfires in October 2020 - A Case Study. December 15, 16:00-18:00 CT (in person)

Leah Barkai (2021 intern): A35R-1900 - Calibration of World Dobson Network Using Data From Mauna Loa Observatory. December 15, 16:00-18:00 CT (in person)

Lei Hu: Atmosphere-based US emission estimates of sulfur hexafluoride. December 16, 16:00-17:15 CT (online)

Hagen Telg: A55S-1681 - Smoke-aware cloud-screening in SURFRAD’s MFRSR retrievals. December 17, 16:00-18:00 CT (in person)

Brian Vasel: The New NOAA Barrow Atmospheric Baseline Observatory – Facility Upgrades and New Collaboration Opportunities Near Utqiaġvik, Alaska. December 17, 16:00-18:00 CT (in person)

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