GML Scientists awarded Department of Commerce Gold Medal

January 7, 2021

GML Scientists were part of a group that won a Department of Commerce Gold Medal Group Award for Scientific / Engineering Achievement The award was "for discovering the recent production and release of CFC-11, indicating a major violation of the Montreal Protocol."

The Gold and Silver Medals are the highest level awards from the US Department of Commerce. Nominations undergo a rigorous screening at OAR, NOAA, and DOC, and decisions are based upon a detailed evaluation of the level of performance and the scope and duration of the achievements cited.

"The accomplishments of our NOAA Research awardees are truly impressive and impactful. They serve as an example for all of us in terms of the value of our individual efforts and our collective work. OAR plays a vital role in scientific achievement across the Nation and around the world. The 2020 awardees are models of our dedicated efforts to contribute to the success of NOAA’s mission and to the progress of science at large."

The members of the group receiving the award are:

  • John S. Daniel (OAR/CSL)
  • James W. Elkins (OAR/GML)
  • Bradley D. Hall (OAR/GML)
  • Stephen A. Montzka (OAR/GML)
  • Robert W. Portman (OAR/CSL)
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