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NOAA Program Plan 71-1 (1).pdf
NOAA Program Plan 71-1
Summit Science Outlook
Summit Science Outlook (2010)
John Miller Memorabillia
Life and Times at the Mauna Loa Observatory in the Late Seventies, John Miller (2007)
NSF Barrow Report
The Feasibility of a Barrow Arctic Research Center, National Science Foundation (2002)
MLO 40th Anniversary
Mauna Loa 40th Anniversary Book (1997)
Judy Pereira Memorabilia
Judy Pereira Memorabilia Mauna Loa
Mauna Loa 20th Anniversary
Mauna Loa 20th Anniversary Book (1978)
Howard Ellis Memorabilia
Howard Ellis Memorabilia Mauna Loa
Ralph Stair Report
Ralph Stair Report Mauna Loa
CMDL Research Plan 2002-2006
CMDL Research Plan 2002-2006
GMD Research Plan 2013-2017
GMD Research Plan 2013-2017
Komhyr 2008 GMD history
NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Division - Early History
Walter Komhyr Story
Sharon Reese story on Walter Komhyr