Zhao, C. L., P. P. Tans and K. W. Thoning, (1997), A high precision manometric system for absolute calibrations of CO2 in dry air, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 102, D5, 5885-5894, 96JD03764


A high-precision manometric system has been developed for absolute calibrations of CO2-in-air mixture gas. This report describes the principle of the calibration method and evaluates the performance of the manometric apparatus. The test results show that the reproducibility of the manometric system for calibrating CO2-in-air gas mixtures is within 0.1 ?mol mol?1 in the atmospheric CO2 concentration range of 300 to 400 ?mol mol?1. Preliminary measurements indicate that the agreement with the absolute World Meteorological Organization mole fraction scale, widely used for atmospheric CO2 monitoring, is also within 0.1 ?mol mol?1 in that same range.