Duration May-June, 2003
Platform University of North Dakota Cessna Citation II
Locations Boulder, Colorado; Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The goal of the COBRA-NA campaign was to compile a geographically extensive set of trace gas measurements around the United States and Canada with the intention of quantifying their regional-scale sources and sinks. As implied by the name of this campaign, the primary focus was on carbon dioxide, however ACATS was on board to provide ancillary measurements of anthropogenic halocarbons, N2O, CH4, and SF6.  Data were obtained during 87 flight hours over a total distance >30,000 km, including two 11,000 km flight circuits across both countries.  More than 50 pollution 'events' with statistically significant ODS:CO emission ratios were sampled, from which we can determine regional-scale halocarbon emissions in the USA and Canada.

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