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Atmospheric Carbon and Transport - America, United States
Site code ACT
Datasetco2_act_aircraft-insitu_428_allvalid-b200.Midwest-1_unassim (GLOBALVIEW identifier ACT_428C2)
Selection schemeThe ACT-America CO2.X product is composed of measurements from flight-modified PICARRO 2401-m instruments aboard B200 aircraft. ICARTT files: ACTAMERICA-mrg05-b200_merge_20160711_R0_thru20160828.ict, ACTAMERICA-mrg05-b200_merge_20170121_R0_thru20170308.ict, ACTAMERICA-mrg05-b200_merge_20171003_R0_thru20171113.ict, ACTAMERICA-mrg05-b200_merge_20180412_R0_thru20180520.ict
Data providerKen Davis, Department of Meteorology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, United States, and Joshua P. DiGangi, Chemistry and Dynamics Branch (E303), NASA Langley Research Center, MS 401A, Hampton, VA 23681, United States, and Melissa Yang Martin, National Suborbital Research Center, 21 Langley Blvd, MS 483, Hampton, VA 23681, United States
Partner(s)No partner information available.
AVOCET Group @ NASA LaRC, NASA Langley Research Center, MS 401A, Hampton, VA 23681, United States

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