ObsPack Data Products are possible only because of participation by the many research scientists around the world who have contributed their high-precision measurement records to this effort. It is critically important that their life work is properly acknowledged. We ask all users to respect the ObsPack Data Usage Policy.

Select a product below and follow the corresponding link to view its usage information.

Usage Information


In addition to including the above citation please follow these guidelines when using an ObsPack product in your publications:

  • Please note that ObsPack is a delivery format for data products.
  • As such, we ask that you please refer to the product using the gas species, name, and version number to distinctly identify the product.
  • For example

    • ... using samples from the CO2 GLOBALVIEWplus v8.0 ObsPack (Schuldt et al., 19572021) ...

  • The citation and fair use statement can be found in every product dataset metadata as well as in the files in the summary/ directory included in each product.
  • A full list of data provider email addresses can be found in the summary/obspack_co2_1_GLOBALVIEWplus_v8.0_2022-08-27_data_provider_email_list.txt file included in the product download.
  • Different citation formatting and limited DOI metadata can be found at this link https://search.datacite.org/works/10.25925/20220808
  • Click here for the reference in RIS format
  • Click here for the reference in BibTeX format
  • The release notes for this product are at this link release_notes.html#obspack_co2_1_GLOBALVIEWplus_v8.0_2022-08-27
  • Please also review the ObsPack Fair Use Statement for important information on what is expected for an ObsPack product user.
Fair Use Statement

This cooperative data product is made freely available to the scientific community and is intended to stimulate and support carbon cycle modeling studies. We rely on the ethics and integrity of the user to assure that each contributing national and university laboratory receives fair credit for their work. Fair credit will depend on the nature of the work and the requirements of the institutions involved.

Your use of this data product implies an agreement to contact each contributing laboratory for data sets used to discuss the nature of the work and the appropriate level of acknowledgement. If this product is essential to the work, or if an important result or conclusion depends on this product, co-authorship may be appropriate. This should be discussed with the appropriate data providers at an early stage in the work. Contacting the data providers is not optional; if you use this data product, you must contact the applicable data providers. To help you meet your obligation, the data product includes an e-mail distribution list of all data providers.

This data product must be obtained directly from the ObsPack Data Portal at www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/obspack/ and may not be re-distributed. In addition to the conditions of fair use as stated above, users must also include the ObsPack product citation in any publication or presentation using the product. The required citation is included in every data product and in the automated e-mail sent to the user during product download.

Please report bugs and send comments to John Mund at john.mund@noaa.gov.