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John Augustine

Global Radiation

Mailing Address:
NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
325 Broadway R/GML
Boulder CO 80305-3328

Phone: 303-497-6415

John Augustine

Brief bio:

John Augustine’s BS and MS degrees are in Meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University.  John has worked for the research arm of NOAA in Boulder since December 1977.  Initially at NOAA, he worked with digital satellite imagery, first to estimate convective rainfall from GOES imagery, and then to document cloud top characteristics of large convective thunderstorm clusters. Following that he conducted research in mesoscale meteorology until 1995, and for the past 21 years he has developed and has operated NOAA’s national surface radiation budget measurement network and aerosol extinction measurement program, SURFRAD. SURFRAD has been the most successful surface radiation program in NOAA. Its data are widely used to validate NASA and NOAA satellite algorithms and NOAA’s operational weather and climate NWP models, and most recently for renewable energy research. Its citations in the formal literature have gone up exponentially since operations began in 1995. To date John has 31 formal and numerous informal scientific publications.


2013: American Geophysical Union Editor’s Citation for “Excellence in Refereeing” for the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere.

2006: NOAA Research Employee of the Year award for “Developing the internationally recognized NOAA Surface Radiation Budget Network (SURFRAD).”

2000: NOAA’s Bronze medal for “Contributions in the field of climate and weather observing systems.”

1995: Department of Commerce Distinguished Authorship Award for the research paper “Multiscale analysis of a mature mesoscale convective complex,” coauthored with Dr. Bradley Smull.