Your Suggestions (CarbonTracker-CH4)

We would like to hear from you!

We welcome participation by anyone interested in the global budget of atmospheric CH4. There are several ways to help this effort, or make use of CarbonTracker results:

  • Presentation: Suggest alternative ways to present the results.
  • Site Location: Suggest a new location for observations to be started that will help CarbonTracker do better in your area. We can assist you with site selection, measurement know-how, and data management.
  • Forecast Request: Let us add your favorite site or area to CarbonTracker's list of site locations so you can see our calculated CH4 time series, or better yet, methane flux time series.
  • Data Contribution: Contribute your data (CH4 mole fractions, flux time series, other useful data sets) to be used in CarbonTracker.
  • Method: Suggest ways in which the Data Assimilation method, including its various process models, could perhaps be improved.
  • Research Collaboration: Use CarbonTracker products (e.g. optimized CH4 mole fractions, boundary conditions for your own model) in your scientific studies and give us feedback.

And of course we welcome your questions, suggestions and feedback.