Tutorial (CarbonTracker-CH4)

Please Note: CarbonTracker-CH4 is very similar to CarbonTracker-CO2. This tutorial gives a simple explanation of how CarbonTracker-CO2 works.

CarbonTracker in a Nutshell

CarbonTracker is a new science-based tool developed at NOAA ESRL to better understand the global carbon cycle and to support carbon management policies.

CarbonTracker is the result of an ongoing international and multi-agency collaboration. To be improved, it will require local and global commitments to maintain and expand atmospheric CO2 measurements and to pursue efforts in the modeling of weather and climate systems that can resolve much smaller spatial scales that at present.

carbon reservoirs

The carbon cycle describes the exchanges between the various carbon reservoirs: land biosphere (vegetation and organic matter in soils), ocean (dissolved CO2, bicarbonate and carbonate ions and organic matter), atmosphere (CO2 gas), and fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas).

At NOAA ESRL we study the Carbon Cycle at the scale of the whole globe. The Global Monitoring Division tracks the carbon content of the atmospheric reservoir.

CarbonTracker combines the best knowledge we have of the global carbon cycle system to derive estimates of CO2 exchanges between the Atmosphere and the other carbon reservoirs.

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