Measurements at NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory stopped following the recent eruption of the Mauna Loa volcano, when lava flow blocked staff access and took out power lines to the facility.

Under an emergency agreement, NOAA and the University of Hawaii have established a temporary measurement site at the nearby Mauna Kea volcano for the critical CO2 record and other atmospheric measurements taken at the observatory.

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Darryl Kuniyuki Station Chief / Electrical Engineer (808) 933-6965 x237
Paul Fukumura-Sawada Facility Maintenance Manager / Electronic Engineer (808) 933-6965 x223
Aidan Colton Atmospheric Technician / Outreach Coordinator (808) 933-6965 x233
Preston Sato IT Security Specialist (808) 933-6965 x236
David Nardini JIMAR Operations / Research Associate (808) 933-6965 x229
Marty Martinsen Professional Research Assistant / Safety Officer (907) 852-6500
Greg Rose Professional Research Assistant (808) 933-6965
Michealene Iaukea-lum Associate Scientist II (808) 933-6965