Reward for returning one of our instruments!

If you find one of our instrument payloads and mail it to us we will send you a $30-$50 reward depending on which types of instrument(s) were found. Each payload has an attached letter with a brief description of what you’ve found, along with a Postage Paid Business Reply Card. Simply put everything you found in a box (except any latex balloon remnants, which you may simply discard) and mail it to us. Please include your information (name, address, etc.) on the letter and return it with the package. Note: Do not use a box that was previously used to ship liquor or hazardous materials as the post office will not handle these.

Our payloads contain no toxins, radioactive materials, or electric shock hazards. You may hear a small battery-powered pump running, but this poses no threat and will stop soon. The only potential hazard is a small amount of a very cold (but non-toxic) liquid (R-23) that may remain in one of the foam boxes several hours after the payload reaches the ground. Please use caution in handling the payload and do not immediately tip it upside down, as any remaining liquid may spill out. The best way to be safe is to carry the payload in the orientation you found it or leave it alone for another few hours after discovery.

We thank you for helping us conserve resources and minimize our impact on the environment!