Data produced by GRAD are intended for scientific research by the GRAD group, our collaborators, and other interested research organizations. Most data currently being collected are available within one day after being collected in a preliminary graphical form as linked below.

The final digital data for the GML baseline observatories and BSRN stations is located at the GML Radiation FTP site.

Similarly, the final digital data for the GML baseline observatory aerosol data is located at the GML Aerosol FTP site.

Access to SURFRAD and SOLRAD quality controlled daily data and ancillary data files is available through the “SURFRAD FTP archive” and “SOLRAD Network FTP archive” sites listed below. Hourly average files of SURFRAD and SOLRAD data are available from NCDC. Special requests and inquiries relating to SURFRAD and SOLRAD should be directed to the GRAD group (

Data for NFAN collaborative aerosol measurements are available from the World Data Centre for Aerosols WDCA hosted by NILU.

Data Plots

Data Archives