Station Map Surface aerosol stations as of April 2018

Clickable map with near-real-time data plots.

Station Location Information

Baseline Stations:

Site Code Name Data Plots Data Files
BRW Barrow, Alaska, USA BRW-plots BRW-data
MLO Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, USA MLO-plots MLO-data
SUM Summit, Greenland SUM-plots SUM-data
SPO South Pole Observatory SPO-plots SPO-data

Mobile and cooperative platforms:

Site Code Name Data Plots
ALT Alert, Canada (cooperative with Environment and Climate Change Canada) ALT-plots
AMY Anmyeon-do, South Korea AMY-plots
APP Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA APP-plots
ARN El Arenosillo, Spain ARN-plots
BEO Moussala, Bulgaria BEO-plots
BND Bondville, Illinois, USA BND-plots
BOS Table Mountain, Boulder, USA BOS-plots
CGO Cape Grim Observatory, Australia
CPR Cape San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA CPR-plots
EGB Egbert, Canada (cooperative with Environment and Climate Change Canada) EGB-plots
ETL East Trout Lake, Canada (cooperative with Environment and Climate Change Canada) ETL-plots
GSN Gosan, Jeju Island, Korea GSN-plots
HAC Mount Helmos, Greece HAC-plots
KPS K-puszta, Kecskemét, Hungary KPS-plots
LLN Lulin, Taiwan LLN-plots
MBO Mount Bachelor, Oregon, USA MBO-plots
MSA Montsec, Spain MSA-plots
MSY Montseny, Spain MSY-plots
PON Pond Inlet, Canada PON-plots
SPL Storm Peak Lab, Colorado, USA (cooperative with Desert Research Institute) SPL-plots
SNS Sierra Nevada Station, Spain SNS-plots
SMR SMEAR II, Hyytiala, Finland SMR-plots
UGR University of Granada, Spain UGR-plots
VAR Värriö, Finland VAR-plots
WHI Whistler, Canada (cooperative with Environment and Climate Change Canada) WHI-plots
WLG Mount Waliguan, China WLG-plots
ZEP Zeppelin, Ny-Alesund, Norway ZEP-plots
ZSF Zugspitze/Schneefernerhaus, Germany ZSF-plots

Not Yet Active Stations:

Site Code Name Data Plots
PAL Pallas, Finland PAL-plots
PDE Pico del Este, Puerto Rico PDE-plots
WPB Wright Patterson Air Force Base (cooperative with Air Force Institute of Technology) WPB-plots

Inactive Stations:

Site Code Name
AMF ARM mobile facility, different location every year
BLD Boulder, Colorado, USA
CPT Cape Point, South Africa
CVI Counterflow Virtual Impactor deployed at the ARM mobile facility in July, 2005
KCO Kashidhoo Climate Observatory, Maldives, Male
NSA Barrow, Alaska, USA (ARM North Slope Alaska, co-located with BRW)
PN1 PNNL Mobile System 1
PN2 PNNL Mobile System 2
RSL Resolute, Canada (cooperative with Environment and Climate Change Canada)
SEL Seoul, South Korea
SFA ICARTT/NEAQS, Latrobe, PA, Summer 2004
  • SGP, May 2003
  • Sweden, July 2003
  • Nova Scotia, Summer 2004
  • SGP Lamont, Oklahoma USA
    SPL/GML Storm Peak Lab, Colorado, USA (Second aerosol rack)
    SMO American Samoa
    THD Trinidad Head, California, USA
    WSA Sable Island, Nova Scotia

    Inactive Aircraft platforms:

    Site Code Name Profile Plots
    AAO Airborne Aerosol Observatory flying over BND AAO-profiles
    IAP In-situ Aerosol Profiles at SGP IAP-profiles