What's New
  • Software and Documentation The GML Aerosol group has developed software for acquisition, processing, and archiving of data from aerosol samplers and instruments that are used in the NOAA Federated Aerosol Network.
  • CPX3 Guide to using CPX3 for data viewing and editing
  • Maintenance This webpage has links to various tasks and repairs (e.g., neph bulb replacement, CN orifice cleaning, etc.).
  • GAW stations This is the GAWSIS homepage - you can search for your station and check that the information related to your measurements is correct.
  • EBAS This is the EBAS World Data Center for Aerosols archive homepage hosted by NILU. This is the archive Federated Aerosol Network data are submitted to at the end of the year. You can download data from other stations (both in and out of the federated network) from here.
  • WDCA This is the World Data Center for Aerosols homepage - the WDCA site has lots more information about data submisssion to the archive.
  • WMO/GAW SAG Links to the WMO Scientific Advisory Board for Aerosols
  • GAW Calibration and Data Centers
Documents and manuals
Historical links (primarily for internal NOAA use)