The SOLRAD Network is for monitoring Surface Radiation in the Continental United States, in Collaboration with NOAA's SURFRAD SURFace RADiation Budget Measurement Network.

NOTICE: As of 1 Jan. 2015, SOLRAD network radiation data will be reported at a one-minute frequency.

For background information on the SOLRAD Network, see:

If you would like information about a specific station within the SOLRAD network, please click on its location on the map, or select the link that matches the station name.

US map showing SOLRAD site locations
Code Name Latitude Longitude Elevation
ABQ Albuquerque, New Mexico 35.03796° N 106.62211° W 1617 m
BIS Bismarck, North Dakota 46.77179° N 100.75955° W 503 m
HNX Hanford, California 36.31357° N 119.63164° W 73 m
MSN Madison, Wisconsin 43.07250° N 89.41133° W 271 m
ORT Oak Ridge, Tennessee 35.96101° N 84.28838° W 334 m
SLC Salt Lake City, Utah 40.77220° N 111.95495° W 1288 m
SEA Seattle, Washington 47.68685° N 122.25667° W 20 m
STE Sterling, Virginia
Original site (pre Oct 28, 2014)
38.97203° N
38.97673° N
77.48690° W
77.48379° W
85 m
TLH Tallahassee, Florida 30.39675° N 84.32955° W 18 m