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Time Series of Monthly Average
Box and Whisker by month for the entire record
Box and whisker by month for the latest year vs. earlier years
Blue box/whiskers show the latest 12-months of available data, while black shows all data older than that.
BapR (total)
BapR (sub-µm)
BapG (total)
BapG (sub-µm)
BapB (total)
BapB (sub-µm)
BspR (total)
BspR (sub-µm)
BspG (total)
BspG (sub-µm)
BspB (total)
BspB (sub-µm)
SSA G (total)
SSA G (sub)
Scattering Angstrom (total)
Scattering Angstrom (sub-µm)
Absorption Angstrom BR (total)
Absorption Angstrom BR (sub-µm)
Backscatter Fraction R (total)
Backscatter Fraction R (sub-µm)
Backscatter Fraction G (total)
Backscatter Fraction G (sub-µm)
Backscatter Fraction B (total)
Backscatter Fraction B (sub-µm)
Sub-micron Fraction BapR
Sub-micron Fraction BapG
Sub-micron Fraction BapB
Sub-micron Fraction BspR
Sub-micron Fraction BspG
Sub-micron Fraction BspB