For information about a specific station within the SURFRAD network, click on its location on the map below, or use the links at the bottom of this page:

US map showing SURFRAD site locations goodwin, mississippi bondville table mountain ft. peck desert rock penn state sioux falls arm web site

Code Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Time Zone Installed
BND* Bondville, Illinois 40.05192° N 88.37309° W 230 m 6 hours from UTC April 1994
TBL Table Mountain, Boulder, Colorado 40.12498° N 105.23680° W 1689 m 7 hours from UTC July 1995
DRA Desert Rock, Nevada 36.62373° N 116.01947° W 1007 m 8 hours from UTC March 1998
FPK Fort Peck, Montana 48.30783° N 105.10170° W 634 m 7 hours from UTC November 1994
GWN Goodwin Creek, Mississippi 34.2547° N 89.8729° W 98 m 6 hours from UTC December 1994
PSU Penn. State Univ., Pennsylvania 40.72012° N 77.93085° W 376 m 5 hours from UTC June 1998
SXF Sioux Falls, South Dakota 43.73403° N 96.62328° W 473 m 6 hours from UTC June 2003
SGP ARM Southern Great Plains Facility, Oklahoma 36.60406° N 97.48525° W 314 m 6 hours from UTC

High Resolution Station Coordinates

* - SURFRAD data files use 'BON' as the station code in file names.